NEW 2017 model update


Our customer service and product development teams take on board all feedback received about TrigJig precision hand tools. Following the launch of our flagship digital miter tools in May 2016, some of our customers suggested they would get even greater use out of their tool if they were able to use it in combination with a miter saw.

We are excited to announce that the new 2017 models of both TrigJig Coving /  Crown and TrigJig Skirting / Base now come with an additional feature, enabling you to do just that!


TrigJig Coving Update

Updated with a brand new feature! Calculate the miter and bevel angle then instantly dial into an electric mitre saw. Allowing you to cut coving and crown moulding ‘on the flat’.

● No charts or conversions required
● No formulas or complex methods
● No need for coping joints.


TrigJig Skirting Update

Can now be used with your miter saw too! Instantly calculate the miter angle and then dial into the bevel adjustment of an electric miter saw. Allowing you to cut skirting board and baseboard ‘on the flat’.

● No bisecting mitres
● No coping joints required.

Initially, the new model and feature is only available for purchases made via the TrigJig online store to customers in the USA and Canada. However, it will also be rolled out to the UK and all other territories very soon.

If you have any questions about the new feature, get in touch on info@trigjig.com