TrigJig ViperBite™ Adjustable Square (4ft)


The TrigJig ViperBite™ Adjustable Square is packed full of features for those who work with sheet materials (drywall, insulation boards, plywood).

The innovative Auto-Zero Track Technology (patent pending) ensures that the rule is always at zero when set to any angle. This allows the user to cut or mark the precise distance from the edge, perfect for boarding vaulted ceilings and complex geometric shapes.

The Adjustable Drywall Square is part of the ViperBite™ range featuring the superb ViperBite™ gripping system. This smart design combats accidental slipping of the square when marking or cutting along the tool’s edge, which in turn reduces the need to hold the square with your hand, ensuring safe, straight cuts.

  • Auto-Zero Track Technology
  • Fully adjustable between 10 – 170°
  • ViperBite™ Superior Gripping System
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Robust aluminum construction
  • Large graduation marks on heavy duty overlay


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