TrigJig ViperBite™ T-Square 4ft


The TrigJig T Square is part of the ViperBite™ range that encompasses the superb ViperBite™ gripping system. This innovative design is a modern take on the old timer’s trick of preventing accidental slipping of the square when marking or cutting along the ruler edge, which in turn reduces the need to hold the square with your hand.

Engineered from 1/4 inch thick aircraft grade aluminum, the TrigJig T-Square is more robust than standard T-Squares. The added thickness combined with the ViperBite grips means it can be doubled up as a cutting guide rail for power tools. Now that is handy!

Shunning the use of rivets to hold the headstock and rule together, this tool uses 4 stainless steel bolts and nylock nuts to ensure rigidity, strength and the option of re-calibration if accidentally knocked.

  • 1/4 ” thick aluminum construction
  • ViperBite™ Superior Gripping System
  • 3 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • High quality stainless steel fixings
  • 4ft/48″/122cm length
  • Easy to read large graduation marks
  • Heavy duty overlay


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