Founded in 2014, TrigJig tools create innovative hand tools to help you work smarter. Designed and manufactured in Europe. Our flagship tool range includes the world’s first digital mitre tools that make cutting and fitting crown molding and baseboard fast, efficient and precise.

We specialise in designing and manufacturing innovative hand tools for trade professionals and expert DIYers. As a company, we follow a simple brand promise: Everything we create must be innovative or have a significant improvement on what is already available to our customers.

Browse our latest tools and shop online below through our official UK and US online stores.

We use the latest computer-aided design software and CNC machining methods to create industry leading measuring and marking hand tools, such as our Adustable Digital Mitre tools, the Angle Finder Pro and ViperBite range of drywall tools, all of which are manufactured in Europe.

Through our network of e-commerce stores we’re able to ship directly to customers throughout UK, USA and carefully selected retail partners in other countries.

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