5 reasons you need a TrigJig Digital Mitre tool.

If you are a newbie to fitting coving, skirting board, crown molding or base board, or experienced trades person that wants to work more efficiently – Here are 5 of the top reasons to add a TrigJig digital mitre tool to your tool kit:

1. WORK SMARTER – Whether you know how to create perfect mitres by bisecting angles or not, you don’t always need to anymore. You can save time and work more efficiently using TrigJig which does all the calculations for you. The days of guesswork and filler or time consuming bevels and compasses are over! So it’s ideal for any trades person or seasoned DIYer.

2. LIGHTEN THE LOAD – TrigJigs are lightweight and portable with a protective, moulded EVA case – so with a digital mitre tool you don’t always need to unload the heavy chopsaw from the van.

3. BE MORE PRECISE – Home owners often complain about poorly mitred coving and skirting board joints and the amount of excess filler used to correct them. TrigJigs are fully adjustable for measuring any internal or external corner accurately within 0.1°. This makes them ideal for bay windows or older buildings with wonky walls. Take pride in a perfect finish with your TrigJig.

4. VALUE FOR MONEY – TrigJig pays for itself with the time you save fitting coving or skirting to just a few rooms.

5. QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST – Backed by a 3 year manufacturer’s guarantee, TrigJigs are made from robust stainless steel and non-contact diametric sensors which improve durability and tool longevity.